So, this is lockdown

If there was any good time to get my recovery in check again, then this would be it. We’re on lockdown – the whole country, that is. For a while we’ve had this feeling of impending doom as the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) has crept across the globe; first it was reports from foreign correspondents on the TV, then Italy was served a devastating blow, until eventually, it started to affect daily life here in the UK. In the health store that I work, surgical face masks went out of stock, quickly followed by hand sanitiser, then you suddenly couldn’t buy a can of baked beans at any of the local supermarkets!

At the weekend, bars, restaurants, cafes, leisure centre and gyms were all forced to close. Yesterday – after tens of 1,000s of morons decided to go the seaside, blatantly ignoring the social distancing demands placed on us all – the government imposed even stricter restrictions on our movement. As of today, we can only leave the house to exercise, go to buy food, for a medical reason and to travel to work (if absolutely necessary). Most businesses have closed (the shop where I work is the last one standing in the shopping centre where it’s based) and the only people allowed to go to work are those on the front line in fighting the virus and anyone within businesses that have been allowed to stay open in the interest of keeping the country running.

I watched the Prime Minister’s broadcast last night with almost a sense of relief; finally parameters had been put in place that we knew we had to work within, which would hopefully make people take things more seriously, to help save lives and prevent the NHS from collapsing.

As an addict, isolation is a frightening prospect. The next 3 weeks (and potentially many more after that) will be challenging but I’m taking comfort in the knowledge that I have the tools to get through this and the strength to stay focused on the positives.